At Maun-Lemke, we excel at teaching you how to “bust your BMGs”

while also dramatically increasing staff-retention, customer satisfaction, and most importantly,
your revenue, so you can shine brightly in today’s ever-changing healthcare marketplace.

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As healthcare organizations change, grow and experience a more challenging marketplace, even top performers may face difficult situations in their efforts to maintain excellence. With today's present economic trends and productivity demands, Maun-Lemke can assist you in your quest.

Our talented and dedicated team is here to help your organization thrive in the most challenging of healthcare landscapes

At Maun-Lemke, we provide a myriad of services crafted to help healthcare organizations across the nation to not only survive in this difficult profession, but to excel so as to raise the state of the healthcare customer in the most important metric possible… outcomes.

Clint Maun, CSP is nationally recognized for his innovative leadership in healthcare consulting, speaking and research. He is one of a select few to receive the CSP designation of distinction, Certified Speaking Professional, from the National Speakers Association. He has over 40 years experience in healthcare management, leadership, quality enhancement and self-development programs. His visions, ideas, techniques and concepts are currently at work in thousands of organizations throughout the country. Clint consults and speaks on staff retention, turf/team issues, mergers, marketing, leadership, strategy and change. Our strength is optimizing employee effectiveness with programs targeted to the 3 “C’s” of healthcare: Customers, Co-workers and Collaboration.

Clint has the proven ability to motivate individuals to positive action and implement results-oriented change. Using his vast experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry, Clint can provide proven and practical approaches to address the challenges facing healthcare today. Let Clint and rest of the team at Maun-Lemke show you how to put this knowledge and experience to work so you can deliver outstanding outcomes to those in your care!

Here are some of the many ways we can help you!


Our best-in-class speakers are highly skilled at presenting cutting-edge, field-tested content to your audiences. We consistently garner top-notch ratings/evaluations and our presentations deliver real-world, no-nonsense ideas and tactics so attendees can bring home actionable take-aways they can immediately implement in their own organizations.


We excel at delivering pertinent speaking content because we know what works first-hand. We work in the trenches alongside our clients and have learned over many years what truly works in the field, and what is just academic wishful thinking. Our concepts, ideas, tactics and techniques are bearing success nationwide!


In addition to our primary functions in speaking and consulting, we also provide of wealth of supplementary resources to further assist our clients in their quest for healthcare excellence. Mystery Shopping, Executive Mentoring/Coaching, online podcasts & radio shows, and web-based video training are just a few of the ways we can help.

Check out some example lessons on Service Excellence

Stop the Excuses

Handling Change

Multigenerational Workplaces

We have the time-tested, field-proven tools for success

Here are some of our websites where you can learn more information about us.
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Visit our company website for more info on how we can help your organization become the envy of the marketplace. You will find lots of resources here on our speaking programs, consulting services and many additional products/services we provide to put you on the path to success. image link

Clint Maun, CSP, co-founder, President, and Senior Partner of Maun-Lemke Speaking and Consulting, LLC has additional content at this website to help you on your quest for excellence such as articles and research, video products and speaking information. image link

Clint Maun, CSP created a podcast to help the vast numbers of the healthcare community who were seeking assistance on how to handle everyday common problems and situations related to this challenging field. Each 8-12 minute audio podcast shares Clint's decades of experience and first-hand techniques for changing the results of healthcare. image link

Clint developed this cutting-edge, online video-based platform to train care professionals with empowering tips, tools, and techniques needed to maximize our daily care efforts. The Care Crowd is on track to become a revolutionary movement to improve care from within. Become a member today!

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